Email Distribution Lists

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Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists have been around for years. However, depending on the time frame, it could have been called something different. Some of these names are "listserv", "DL", "mail merge", "mailing lists", etc. Basically, a distribution list is a collection of contacts (email addressess is this case). A distribution list provides an easy way to send messages to a group of people.

Currently, there are three different ways to use a distribution list.

Corporate Email Systems

Most current corporate email systems have the ability to allow the creation of distribution lists that can be used internally to send to a single email address that goes to multiple recipients within the organization. Some systems might not allow outside users to send to or be part of internal distribution lists.

Consumer Email client\Website

Many of the online email services (Hotmail, iMail, gmail, etc) have the ability to create a distribution list in which one can send email to. This is only available for the person who created the distribution list, which means if you create a distribution list, no one else can send to that distribution list but you. Similarly in email clients like outlook you can create groups so that you can easily email a group of people all at once. Additionally, if you setup a group in outlook at work, when you are at home you won’t be able to use the group.


JonesList is an internet based email distribution list which allows users to create a single email address then goes to multiple email addresses.
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