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JonesList is an internet based email distribution list which allows users to create a single email address then goes to multiple email addresses. This means the lists can be used by anybody on the planet.

  • FREE!!!! JonesLists are currently free to setup and use
  • One Email Address for multiple recipients
  • Create as many JonesLists as you want
  • Don't want to give your "real" email address to a website just to read an article? Create a JonesList address and turn it "off" anytime you like
  • View all emails and activity sent to your JonesList
  • Recipients can take themselves off a Joneslist or update there own email address
  • Security settings for your list include the ability to make lists public or private, locked or unlocked and if your list is exclusive or not.
  • Use Joneslist from the new Windows Phone 7
  • NEW!!Create a jonesList from any email client! When you want to create a new list, instead of logging into the site and creating a new list, you can create the first email adding all the recipients, then add a unique email and joneslist will autmatically create your list!
  • JonesLists follow you wherever you go!

More features and enhanced user abilities are coming soon.

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